Sugar Directorate

Sugar Directorate of Agriculture and Food Authority AFA was established under the Agriculture and Food Act (Act No 13 of 2013) section 11(1). It is charged with the responsibility of developing, regulating and promoting the Kenyan Sugar Industry.

The objective of this Service Charter is to communicate and provide feedback mechanisms to our stakeholders on our role in the sugar sector, our mandate, vision, mission, values and core functions. In this charter, we also outline our range of services, stakeholder expectations/obligations and Sugar Directorate’s commitment to excellent service delivery.

This service charter is also aligned to the Constitution of Kenya 2010, AFA Act (Act No. 13 of 2013), Crops Act (Act No. 16 of 2013) and Kenya Vision 2030


  • Provide advisory services to growers and millers
  • Collect, collate and analyze industry statistics and maintain a database for the industry
  • License Millers
  • License Importers/Exporters
  • Issue Molasses permits
  • Formulate and implement overall policies and plans for the development of the industry
  • Promote and encourage the use of environment friendly technologies in the industry
  • Oversee the formulation of standard provisions governing the mutual rights and obligations of growers and millers.

Represents, promotes, articulates and lobbies for the interests of the industry in local, regional and international institutions; e.g. EAC, COMESA, ACP-EU among others;